Saralyn Rickman


It is my belief, that while it is our collective goal to reach your financial objectives, it is the relationship that I develop with my clients that defines my business. So I’d like to introduce myself.

I have over 35 years of experience in the financial arena, starting right out of college at an accounting firm on Wall Street in New York. I was immediately enamored by this industry and set the task of learning as much about it as I could. Also earning a degree in Finance, our family relocated to Florida in 1979, where I took a slight career tack into Banking and Financial Services. Ultimately serving as Senior Vice President and Retail Sales Manager for a major bank, my direct responsibilities included the sales and cross-selling initiatives for all thirty-eight branches. This required a thorough knowledge and understanding of multiple financial product lines as well as an understanding of the mortgage and lending business. It is during this time that I established the strongest relationships that I have today. It is also during this period that I established myself as a trusted partner and resource for sound financial decisions.

In the late nineties the banking industry was changing fast. As Banks grew bigger, I realized the opportunity for a more personalized practice and transitioned into Independent Financial Services. As my clients have grown so have I. This interdisciplinary career has enabled me to realistically consult with my clients to determine what is both in their best interest and reasonable from a comprehensive financial viewpoint.

This consultative process helps my clients understand their financial options to make informed, accurate choices. My clients mostly focus on what they need or want to do with their careers and families. I bring value to their lives by ensuring that their financial decisions are made effectively. We build a customized plan that encompasses wealth generation, wealth preservation, wealth transfer and wealth distribution.

I truly care about my client’s goals and I believe it shows in the attention to detail and personal service that I provide. I take my client’s success personally, hopefully motivating them as they often motivate me.

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